About Avril

About Avril

I grew up in New Zealand, trained as a primary school teacher then worked really hard to become a Managing Director of a Digital Entertainment Company in London and became a mum. 
I specialise in transforming ideas into reality and making them thrive. Right now I want to transform ideas that have great meaning to me and a positive sustainable impact on our world.
I wanted to create beautiful characters and stories that help kids manage tough emotions and feel brave because we all have to be a little brave sometimes. 

So I created www.feelbrave.com  and continue on the delightful yet challenging (and at times emotional) journey of bringing it to life along with an exciting charitable arm www.friendsoffeelbrave.com which has the vision 'To give all children access to tools to help them manage tough emotions and reach their true potential'.

From Corporate to Kitchen...

I had an amazing sense of achievement meeting and presenting to Liz Mohn (centre) owner of the Bertelsmann conglomerate and named 'The most powerful women in publishing', who has championed work/life balance in business and Gunter Thielen (bottom left), Chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation. 

I thought that if I could get to that point in the business world, I should be able to be brave enough to try and start my own business and try and build a global children's brand.  I'm certainly not 'there' yet but exciting things are happening and I want to share my journey to help others live their potential and find their happiness.



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